Month: October 2008

Political Word Cloud

Politicalspeak decoded

Presidential candidates and political bloggers typically have a lot to say, but the subtext to their messages isn’t always clear.

Anteaters get out the vote

Anteaters flexed their political muscles this week by showing up for early voting at the UC Irvine Student Center. The…

Tiny computer chip sensor for cars

Sensing danger, saving lives

Drivers worldwide soon will be able to navigate dangerous road conditions more safely, thanks to sensor technology developed at UC Irvine.

first place winner in the ''First Steps'' category.

Work it, baby

When a developing baby delivers that first kick inside the womb, it’s a moment of elation for Mom that’s hard to beat.

"Mavericks" on top of the white house seal

Political maverick paradox

Republican Sen. John McCain has staked his bid for the U.S. presidency on his reputation as a “political maverick,” a politician who is unafraid to cross party lines to “vote his conscience” on important policy issues.

Fallen items on the ground in front of a car

Halloween’s mean streets

The potential for automobile versus trick-or-treater accidents is more pronounced this year, says Dr. Frederico Vaca, because Halloween falls on a Friday – prime party time.

Whole lotta’ shakin’

Great ShakeOut will simulate quake, identify needs

Toxic waste patrol

EH&S staffer Ricardo Cruz suits up to protect the campus from hazardous waste

Retrieving sight

Research looks at how brain adapts when what you see isn’t what you get

Supernatural conclusions

Jessica Utts applies statistics to parapsychology