Day: October 6, 2008

Michael Montoya

Fighting poverty with knowledge

Inequality literally is making people sick, says Michael Montoya, UC Irvine anthropology and Chicano/Latino studies assistant professor.

Karen Cahill

Shaping the Future campaign launched

Sparking breakthrough discoveries and tackling issues of importance to people in their daily lives is the goal of UC Irvine’s $1 billion fundraising campaign.

Dean Rafael L. Bras

Engineering: ‘We will grow’

It’s been a busy few weeks for Rafael L. Bras, the new dean of UC Irvine’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

Acupressure bead applied before surgery decreases anxiety in children.

Calming children before surgery

Surgery is stressful for even the calmest patient, but for children it can be particularly traumatic and frightening. For anesthesiologists, soothing anxious children about to enter surgery is a critical part of the job, and Dr. Zeev Kain, anesthesiology & perioperative care chair at UC Irvine, is turning to ancient Chinese medicine for new methods.

Keeping the channels open

NACS ‘techie’ Brian Chrisman manages zotAlerts to help keep campus community safe.Sign up today at

Calling all nurses

UCI’s nursing science program is filling the gaps in nurses’ ranks

Keeping it cool

Ahlering uses hypothermia to boost quality of life for prostate surgery patients