Year: 2005

Helping students help others

Volunteer Center director Edgar Dormitorio connects campus to community needs

Book smart

UCI Libraries’ Jackie Dooley shares a passion for the printed word

Answering the call

Undergrad Charles Dorsey lends a hand to hurricane victims

From the classroom to the coffeehouse

Science Café director Brian Hart mixes lattes and lectures

No small feat

UCI’s nanotechnology breakthroughs are tiny but critical steps toward improved health care, communications

From ranch to research university

UCI celebrates 40 years of innovation

Healing with heart

Dr. Marianne Cinat gently restores health and hope to burn victims

Value added

Chancellor Michael Drake sees a values-driven UCI shaping the 21st century

Thanks for the memories

UCI neuroscientist James McGaugh recalls the campus’s pioneer days

CIA on duty

Senior Anthony Nguyen leads the cheers of the Completely Insane Anteaters