Year: 2002

Productivity payoff

Organizational expert Jone Pearce is shaping the future of management research and education

Revealing rhythms

Pierre Baldi uses math – and music – to help transform reams of research data into biological breakthroughs

Rocket man

Researcher William Sirignano knows combustion inside and out

The sky’s the limit (1)

Alumnus Jose Solorio is Councilman for Ward 1 in the City of Santa Ana

Vital links

Gary Singer ’74 drives home UCI’s impact on the community

Advancing science

When not working on the key to limb regeneration, Susan Bryant aims to involve a new generation of women scientists.

Creative chaos

Donald Saari inspires a thinking person’s approach to problem solving.

The humanities, way out there

Outreach program asks Santa Ana students to reach for the stars

Citizenship & the University

Humanities Out There

Full impact

Fred Sainick was Alumnus Regent on the UC Board of Regents from 2001 to 2003