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Cultural climate change

Scientists from UC Irvine and the National Center for Atmospheric Research have developed a new computer model to measure global warming’s effect on soil worldwide that accounts for how bacteria and fungi in soil control carbon.

California sagebrush in the southern part of the state will adjust better to climate change than sagebrush populations in the north, according to UC Irvine researchers in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology affiliated with the Center for Environmental Biology.

Interdisciplinary researchers including Ralph Delfino are awarded more than $400,000 for project.

Inundated with conflicting advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint? Diane Pataki, associate professor of Earth system science, will clear up the confusion.

Climate change: smart strategies

UCI’s Diane Pataki discusses strategies for dealing with climate change in Southern California.

Climate change: global problem, local response

UCI student nonprofit CLEAN Education conducts grade-appropriate lessons on climate change for elementary and middle school classrooms.

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