Stanley Grant

Topsy-turvy currents key to removing nitrate from streams, UCI-led study finds

Scientists calculate ‘speed limit’ for pumping pollutant to hungry algae, bacteria

UCI’s Stanley Grant to lead $1.9 million UC effort to become ‘stormwater-neutral’

Drought-ravaged California misses out on billions of gallons of freshwater each year, as rain washes into storm drains and out to sea. University of California researchers say it’s time for that to change. Led by UCI civil engineer Stanley Grant, they hope to start a revolution in how urban stormwater is collected and managed. Faculty […]

UCI-led group suggests ways to better manage urban stormwater runoff

Rain barrels, absorbent roofs, permeable pavement could help reduce waste

Silvia Gonzalez and Andrew Mehring

Drought advice from Down Under

California could learn a thing or two from Melbourne, Australia, which halved water use during a decade-plus dry spell with no new rate hikes

Is the ocean making you sick?

This summer, surfers and swimmers will risk more than sunburn — the ocean could make them sick. UCI researchers are testing the waters and working to improve the detection, identification, measurement and elimination of coastal pollutants.

Troubled waters (1)

Pollution from unknown sources has forced the closing of dozens of Southern California beaches. Orange County officials have turned to UCI’s Stan Grant for help