Public Impact Fellowship

Taking on tumors

UCI Ph.D. student wins Public Impact Distinguished Fellowship for her efforts to develop a cancer vaccine

Shaking up the future

UCI grad students are investigating ways to make earthquakes less destructive

Scott Sellars

More than a weatherman

Public Impact Fellow Scott Sellars is developing a better way to predict precipitation

Seema Ehsan

Tenacity pays off for tissue engineer

Public Impact Fellowship supports Seema Ehsan’s efforts to develop a better way of testing cancer drugs

Ryan Schutte

Seeking the source of seizures

Grad student Ryan Schutte’s epilepsy research has earned him a Public Impact Fellowship

Beth Karlin

Saving the planet, one home at a time

Grad student wins Public Impact Fellowship for her efforts to spur energy conservation

Emily Troshynski

Assessing the state’s sex offender policies

Public Impact Fellowship helps doctoral student Emily Troshynski explore costs, benefits of GPS tracking.

Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte

Sorting cells, saving lives

Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte, UCI doctoral candidate in mechanical & aerospace engineering, won a fellowship to develop a cell-sorting device that will make blood and other tests quicker and cheaper.

Lauren Shea

Student bridges language, science learning

With the help of a Public Impact Fellowship, UCI’s Lauren Shea is developing innovative classroom strategies for learning English.