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Star power

O.C. firm with UCI roots makes strides toward fusion energy production


Siddharth Parameswaran wins NSF CAREER Award

Siddharth Parameswaran, a UCI assistant professor of physics & astronomy, has won a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Award that comes with more than $500,000 to support his research in condensed matter physics.

Admin ATLAS, one of several detectors positioned along the Large Hadron Collider, on the outskirts of Geneva.

Crash course in physics

As revamped Large Hadron Collider fires up to record levels, UCI team prepares to pick through pieces of shattered particles

Admin Steven White

Quantum leaper

Acclaimed for a breakthrough algorithm, physicist Steven White is now first to model a new state of matter.


Looking back into the future

UC Irvine physics professor and award-winning science fiction author Gregory Benford will write the introductory essays for “The Wonderful Future That Never Was,” a collection of predictions made in the pages of “Popular Mechanics” that reflects societies hopes and fears.

Admin Roger McWilliams

Old-fashioned physicist invents futuristic tools

With his bow ties and seersucker suits, Roger McWilliams might appear to be old-fashioned, but the UCI physicist invents futuristic laser tools that have advanced everything from telecommunications to healthcare.

Admin Astrophysicist Gregory Benford

Finding frugal aliens

‘Benford beacons’ concept could refocus search for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life.