molecular biology & biochemistry

A literal gut check

Scientist studies how intestinal microbiomes affect human health

Craig Walsh, UCI professor of molecular biology and biochemistry

UC Irvine advances stem cell research with $4 million CIRM grant for shared resources lab

Funding will enable upgraded equipment, new services and user training in 4 critical areas

Study shows how to prevent a high-fat diet from throwing metabolism out of whack

UCI biologists discover removing a protein inhibitor restores metabolic balance

UCI commentary expands understanding of how transplanted stem cells address disease

UCI scholars Zachary W. Wagoner, a graduate student researcher in cellular & molecular biosciences, and Weian Zhao, professor of pharmaceutical sciences, have identified a new mechanism by which transplanted stem cells treat disease. Their findings are contrary to the long-standing conventional wisdom that diseased tissue is repaired through stem cells differentiating into new cells or […]

UCI’s John Chaput and his team have transcribed the Declaration of Independence and the UCI seal to a solution of TNA and recovered them.

John Chaput can store the Declaration of Independence in a single molecule

By using a synthetic genetic polymer, the UCI researcher overcomes prior limitations and lets you hold the world in the palm of your hand

Ilhem Messaoudi Powers, associate professor of molecular biology & biochemistry, who’s leading a study of UCI Health workers’ exposure to COVID-19.

Couple on the coronavirus front lines

UCI virologist and her pulmonologist husband balance pandemic response with parenthood

Mouse, not just tick: New genome heralds change in Lyme disease fight

UCI-led study points toward new ways to prevent disease transmission