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Provost Enrique Lavernia is elected a foreign member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

UCI Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Enrique Lavernia has been elected a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Lavernia was recognized for his distinguished contributions to materials science and engineering and for his promotion of Chinese-American exchanges and cooperation in the field. He will be inducted in June 2020, during the academy’s annual […]

Enrique Lavernia

UCI Provost Enrique Lavernia is chosen to receive prestigious materials science medal

Enrique Lavernia, UCI provost and executive vice chancellor, is the recipient of the 2020 Acta Materialia Gold Medal, an international award that recognizes leadership and outstanding contributions in materials science and engineering. Lavernia will accept the medal and present an overview of his work at the annual meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society […]

UCI scientists reveal mechanism of electron charge exchange in molecules

Breakthrough has applications in data storage, energy conversion, quantum computing

Cao Glass Image

UCI-led team sheds light on mechanisms governing the rheology of glassy materials

Commonplace in both natural and man-made components, glassy materials have a microscopically disordered structure. In many solid substances and crystals, atoms are bonded together in an orderly fashion, like stacked cannonballs, but atoms and molecules in varieties of glass are positioned in an amorphous jumble, as they are in liquids. Penghui Cao, UCI assistant professor […]

UCI scientists create new class of two-dimensional materials

Fabrication could help unlock new quantum computing and energy technologies

Nanotechnology treatment shows promise against multiple sclerosis

UCI-led stem cell study sets stage for human testing

Squid skin inspires creation of next-generation space blanket

UCI engineers develop material with heat regulation properties