New Lawyers Yimeng Dou and Sam Lam

They’re lawyers! They swear!

UCI’s first law school grads pass the bar and are sworn in as California attorneys

Study ranks UCI law school faculty seventh nationally in scholarly impact

Just two months after graduating its first class the school comes in seventh nationally.

Dean Erwin Chmerinsky hugs graduate Jean Su

A class act

Among other achievements, the 58 members of the School of Law’s class of 2012 helped define UCI’s pro bono program, establishing the school as a true champion of public interest legal education with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

Al Valdez's various under cover disguises

Brilliant disguise

Al Valdez was looking for sprinkler parts at a discount store when he sensed somebody was watching him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a security guard peeking at him from the next aisle. Valdez had run to the store after working in his yard and was wearing grubby gardening clothes. “I […]

Rameen and Shauhin Talesh

‘Eater bros

They call it the “Book of Records” — a well-worn folder filled with old papers that Rameen and Shauhin Talesh have had since childhood. Every time the brothers played basketball, football, foosball, backgammon, Scrabble or any other game, they would duly note the winner. “We’d write down all of our matches,” Rameen says. “I had […]

Globe and Gavel

Legal zoom

New program at UC Irvine School of Law permits concurrent degree study.

Susan Lewis, Sam Lam and Lauren Gruber

Law students help Iraqi refugees trapped in legal limbo

UCI law students have joined efforts to help Iraqi refugees trapped in a legal limbo. The displaced can’t go home again, but resettling in the U.S. or another welcoming country can take months or years of complicated paperwork.

Susan Lewis, Sam Lam and Lauren Gruber

Safe haven

When she enrolled in UC Irvine’s School of Law, Susan Lewis figured she’d someday become an attorney at a private firm. Then she signed on for the kind of hands-on, pro bono work the law school endorses as part of its commitment to public service, and her career plans changed. Lewis joined the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, […]

Moot court is home to real cases

New law school venue lets students argue current legal issues in an authentic environment.

Justin Richland

Professor finds niche in Native American legal system

Justin Richland, associate professor of criminology, law & society, anthropology and law, knew early on that he didn’t want a typical career. He found his niche in the Native American legal system.