Powering down

UCI launches Green Labs certification program

Solar panels cover the roof of UCI’s Student Center Parking Structure.

Wind and solar power could meet four-fifths of U.S. electricity demand, study finds

UCI, Caltech, Carnegie: Investment in greater storage, transmission capabilities needed

UCI named as partner in new clean manufacturing institute

$140 million consortium aims to improve competitiveness of US industry

Jack Brouwer

Greening the grid

UCI tests integration of renewable hydrogen into existing natural gas systems

UCI’s Stanley Grant to lead $1.9 million UC effort to become ‘stormwater-neutral’

Drought-ravaged California misses out on billions of gallons of freshwater each year, as rain washes into storm drains and out to sea. University of California researchers say it’s time for that to change. Led by UCI civil engineer Stanley Grant, they hope to start a revolution in how urban stormwater is collected and managed. Faculty […]

On the water front

Renowned hydrologist joins UCI to lead interdisciplinary research efforts

In a national first, UCI injects renewable hydrogen into campus power supply

Power-to-gas technique offers new way to store and use excess wind and solar energy

UCI opens doctoral programs to hundreds more students

Campus aims to boost Ph.D. candidates by 35 percent over next five years

UCI chemist Shane Ardo named one of 5 inaugural Moore Inventor Fellows

$825,000 in funding will help advance his solar-powered desalination innovation

Chemists find new way to recycle plastic waste into fuel

Approach tackles most commonly used synthetic plastic