elder abuse

Kerry Burnight

In pursuit of happiness

UC Irvine gerontologist Kerry Burnight has learned a lot about how to live well and make the most of each day, not just in later years but now.

Dr. Laura Mosqueda

Campaigning against elder abuse

It will serve as clearinghouse for information, research and best practices.

Dr. Laura Mosqueda

US Justice Department honors UCI’s elder programs

Attorney General Eric Holder praises forensic center and founder Dr. Laura Mosqueda.

Aileen Wiglesworth

Uncovering elder abuse

Physical abuse of the elderly has long been difficult to prove because of older people’s propensity to bruise easily and their sometimes-dubious powers of recall, giving perpetrators a handy defense. But thanks to studies by UC Irvine’s Program in Geriatrics, that’s changing. The research has identified bruises most likely caused by abuse and established that […]