New novel by Roxanne Varzi set in modern Iran

Roxanne Varzi’s new novel, Last Scene Underground, portrays a modern Iran that’s rarely seen in the coverage of that country’s nuclear program and religious fundamentalism. The book tells of young, educated residents of Tehran who navigate their way through politics and art and in the process learn hard lessons about censorship, creativity and love. It was inspired by artists and […]

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Guilt-free beach reading

Book lovers can look to UCI authors for summer fare that exercises the mind while the body relaxes

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UCI faculty and staff share their summer book selections

Matt Lawrence

Plato meets pilsner

Like many a philosopher, UC Irvine alumnus Matt Lawrence, Ph.D. ’99 likes to ruminate on life’s deepest questions – preferably over a nice, cold beer. Now he’s paired his study of what ails humanity with his interest in ales – as well as lagers, stouts and porters. In Lawrence’s new book, Philosophy on Tap: Pint-Sized Puzzles for the […]

Bridget Cooks

Out of the shadows

Bridget Cooks sheds light on African American art, cultural imagery.

"Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" book sitting in the sand

Beach reading, Anteater style

UCI faculty and staff share their summer book selections.