Alzheimer’s disease

Body’s immune system may play larger role in Alzheimer’s disease than thought

UCI mouse study finds dramatic increase in brain plaques when key cells are lacking

UCI part of US effort to find Alzheimer’s biomarkers in people with Down syndrome

National Institute on Aging grants $4.7 million to Dr. Ira Lott’s research team

UCI study finds jet lag-like sleep disruptions spur Alzheimer’s memory, learning loss

Results suggest greater emphasis on managing slumber habits of people with AD risk

Neural stem cells migrate throughout an injured brain site

Stem cell treatment lessens impairments caused by dementia with Lewy bodies

UCI mouse study finds significant improvements in both motor and cognitive function

Stem cell researcher gets CIRM grant to advance study of brain immune cells’ role in Alzheimer’s

A UCI stem cell researcher will receive a $1.15 million CIRM grant to advance the study of brain immune cells and their role in Alzheimer’s disease.

Frank LaFerla

Committed to memory

UCI MIND will host the 24th annual Southern California Alzheimer’s Disease Research Conference on Sept. 20.

Frank LaFerla

Making memories last

UCI MIND hosts one of the field’s most influential annual Alzheimer’s disease research conferences featuring speakers and presentations showcasing the latest breakthroughs. Center director Frank LaFerla discusses the 2011 conference and exciting research and treatment efforts for the disease.

Evaluating forgetfulness

UCI’s Memory Assessment Clinic is the only outpatient facility in Orange County providing comprehensive services focused solely on the early identification of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Tom Hayashi and Peggy Woelke, his neighbor and caregiver, visit the clinic for his annual evaluation

Testing the powers of recall

Forgetting where you parked your car, the name of someone you just met or a new phone number is a sign of the normal changes to short-term memory that most healthy adults experience as they age. Becoming lost on the way to the grocery store, not recognizing someone familiar or forgetting what a phone does, […]

Diana Burns keeps an eye on her mother, Irma

Distinguishing ‘senior moments’ from Alzheimer’s

UCI scientists locate inner brain pathway they believe is key to memory.