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Bill Tomlinson

Study finds patent systems may discourage innovation

Bill Tomlinson, informatics assistant professor, uses a computer game to test the efficiency of the U.S. patent system, and it doesn’t score well.

ennifer Fong, Taylor Moniz and Luan Bach

Inspiring future scientists

High school students participating in UC Irvine’s residential COSMOS program study topics such as astronomy, neuroscience, marine biology and the mathematics of music.

Barbara Finlayson-Pitts

Chemists discover ozone-boosting reaction

It’s a recipe for choking smog. Burn tons of fossil fuels. Pump those chemicals into the air where they react on surfaces of buildings and roads. A result is the creation of photochemical smog-forming chlorine atoms, UC Irvine scientists report in a new study.

Five-year-old Sydney Gadol plays with her mother Nancy

Lowering prenatal stress for healthier babies

A UC Irvine research team is investigating correlations between prenatal levels of stress hormones and infant/child learning and behavior. Their Women and Children’s Health and Well-Being Project is among the first large-scale studies on the subject.

ID theft investigation team honored with international award

UC Irvine Police Department wins international award for excellence in Criminal Investigation.

Andrea Tenner

Drug rescues memory lost to Alzheimer’s disease

A drug similar to one used in clinical trials for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis has been found to rescue memory in mice exhibiting Alzheimer’s symptoms. This discovery by UC Irvine scientists offers hope for a new treatment for early stage Alzheimer’s.

Luis Alonzo

Summer program lures diverse grad students

Increasing diversity among ranks of UC Irvine graduate students is goal of four summer research programs.

Michael Martinez

A different view of math

Can you learn math without using symbols or language? A four-year, $3 million study led by UC Irvine education professor Michael Martinez will test the theory.

Downtown Conakry, the capital of Guinea

UCI Africa Initiative lends a hand

UC Irvine group demonstrates how modest efforts can reap big rewards by donating time and energy in Africa.

Graphic of household items falling into a blender

Doing more with less

Is your life too complicated? UC Irvine professor suggests redesigning priorities and weeding out unnecessary possessions to achieve peace.