Society & Community

Professor Elizabeth Cauffman

Studying teens’ emotional maturity gap

A new study of adolescent judgment and decision-making shows young people may not be able to fully control impulses, resist peer pressure until after 22.

Diane Pataki

Climate change: global problem, local response

UCI’s Diane Pataki discusses strategies for dealing with climate change in Southern California.

Honorees at the 2009 UC Irvine Medal awards

UC Irvine Medal event meets fundraising target

Gala event earns $1.1 million for scholarships and other key programs.

Joseph DiMento

Protecting the planet

Joseph DiMento says law can be an effective tool in protecting natural resources.<

Dr. Daniel Boehne

Shaping smiles and surfboards

Daniel Boehne ’99 could have been a pro surfer. Instead, he chose dentistry in order to help others.

Katie and Kenny Callen and their son, Gage

Ray of hope

Katie and Kenny Callen never imagined they would end up living in their car. But in July, the couple settled into a mobile home parking lot in Costa Mesa after losing their jobs and — unable to pay the $1,400 rent — their apartment. Katie, 22, sought help by dialing 211, a social services information […]

Water spigot

Raising water awareness

More than 1 billion people worldwide have unreliable access to clean water. To raise awareness of this and other water issues, UC Irvine is hosting a two-day public event featuring free movies and a panel discussion with local water experts.

UCI alumni Kristin Alix and David Chang

New Web site connects UCI with community

New Web site fosters public interaction with campus.

Marcelo Wood

Cancer drug may prevent cocaine relapse behavior

A drug in development to treat cancer could help prevent relapse behavior in people trying to overcome an addiction to cocaine, according to a new study by UC Irvine neuroscientists.

UCI to become living renewable energy lab

The UC Irvine campus will become a living renewable energy laboratory under a statewide program designed to make electricity generation and transportation safer, cleaner and more affordable for Californians.