Science & Technology

Nobelist F. Sherwood Rowland and chemistry chair Donald Blake

Perfect chemistry for 30 years

A conversation with 30-year collaborators F. Sherwood Rowland and Donald Blake.

Thornton, Andrew Delman, and Frank Miyashiro

UCI students win ‘Crazy Green Idea’ contest

UC Irvine students Kyle Good and Bryan Le win the $25,000 X PRIZE Foundation’s “What’s Your Crazy Green Idea?” video contest.

Tammy Smecker-Hane

Venus, Saturn through a telescope

Have you ever seen Venus or Saturn through a telescope? How about the Orion Nebula or star clusters? Come view these celestial bodies and more during UCI Observatory Visitor Night from 7-9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 21.

Frank Shi

Partnering for a urologic care breakthrough

Engineer Frank Shi created a novel silicone product. Urologist Ralph Clayman was looking to create a breakthrough device. A serendipitous partnership between the two has the potential to make a serious dent in the multimillion-dollar urologic care marketplace. It also shows that research collaboration, even between faculty members whose offices are miles apart, will be an important part of UC Irvine’s continued growth.

Reg Penner

Solar energy center aids product development

UC Irvine scientists believe sunlight is the fuel of the future.

Scott Samuelsen

Fueling the hydrogen highway

Scott Samuelsen is UC Irvine’s go-to guy on fuel cell and hydrogen technology.

A fractal created by Sterling 2

Advanced technology designed by nature

As hybrid-electric vehicles gain popularity, UCI scientists turn to nature to improve battery design.

Ilona Yim

Pregnancy hormone predicts postpartum depression

Ilona Yim studies the relationship between hormones and postpartum depression. Her research could help identify, treat women before onset of symptoms.

Postdoctoral scholars in the spotlight

UC Irvine’s postdoctoral research staffers asked, “Where’s the love,” and the university responded, making February “Postdoc Appreciation Month.”

Peter Donovan

Stem cell grant to boost training program

The state today tentatively approved $3.3 million over three years to enhance UC Irvine’s stem cell training program, which teaches tomorrow’s experts the techniques, ethics and clinical knowledge critical to this fast-growing field.