Fabricating the future

UCI is at the center of the next wave of advanced manufacturing at the Rapid Tech Center, and it shows as federal officials host a related workshop here.

A laser focus on cell research

Biomedical engineer Elliot Botvinick uses optical tweezers to understand how disease takes hold

Fostering tomorrow’s leaders

Summer Research and Competitive Edge programs give graduate students a head start.

No. 2 pencil not required

End-of-year exams, projects can take unorthodox forms.

Cheng-Wei “Aaron” Chen

Mending a broken heart

UC Irvine doctoral candidate Cheng-Wei “Aaron” Chen’s research using human embryonic stem cells to create a heart patch has earned him a $10,000 2011-12 Public Impact Fellowship.

Fred Tzeng

Little chip, big implications

UCI research produces breakthrough for battery efficiency in medical equipment, automobiles and consumer electronics.

Highlights of 2011 at UCI

UC Irvine students, staff and faculty stepped up in the face of another year of budget challenges and fee increases with continued drive, talent and innovation. The results? More research breakthroughs, national honors and global outreach — even a second dodgeball world record. Here are snapshots of UCI 2011. As always, it was quite a […]

World's lightest metal sitting atop a dandelion fluff

Lighter than a feather and stronger than an ox

In collaboration with HRL Laboratories and California Institute of Technology, UCI engineers construct metal structure 100 times lighter than Styrofoam™.

Dorothy Williams with robotic device

Merging robotic rehab and stem cell research

Cutting-edge rehab programs at the Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center utilize robotics and computer software that someday could be combined with stem cell-based therapies to accelerate recovery from strokes and spinal cord injuries.

Steven George

Going with the flow

Biomedical engineers host industry open house to show off micro tissue and other research.