Press Releases

Biological flaws

In his new book, UCI evolutionary biologist John Avise examines why flaws exist in the biological world.

UCI cardiologists discover 'pouch' in heart that may raise stroke risk

UC Irvine cardiologists have found a pouchlike structure inside the heart’s left atrial chamber that may be a potent source of stroke-causing blood clots. The discovery of this left atrial pouch could provide answers and inform neurologists’ efforts to prevent stroke recurrences.

Gorilla malaria

UCI, French study finds that gorillas carry malignant malaria parasite.


Turfgrass management may create more greenhouse gas than plants remove from atmosphere.

Neuron stroke

People with impaired mobility after a stroke soon may have a therapy that restores limb function long after the injury, if a supplemental protein works as well in humans as it does in paralyzed rats.

Strict blood sugar control in some diabetics does not lower heart attack, stroke risk

Strictly controlling blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetics with coexisting health problems such as heart disease and hypertension does not lower their risk of a heart attack or stroke, according to a UC Irvine Health Policy Research Institute study.

Central Valley water

The view from space is not pretty as satellites show California groundwater being pumped for irrigation in unsustainable quantities.

Barrett physics

With $160,000 from the National Science Foundation, Barrett and colleagues are combing through, scanning and preserving documents they hope will shed light on how to understand measurement as a consistent physical process in quantum mechanics – one of physics’ most debated puzzles that Everett believed he had solved as a graduate student.

Dalai Lama Scholar

Jasmine Fang named 2009-10 Dalai Lama Scholar for her efforts to encourage kindness on campus.

Glimpsing a greener future

It’s the year 2060, and 75 percent of drivers in the Greater Los Angeles area have hydrogen fuel cell vehicles…