Dr. Steven Potkin

Brain imaging facilitates mental illness treatments

As a brain imaging researcher who studies schizophrenia, Dr. Steven Potkin saw a large problem limiting growth in his field and the potential for new clinical treatments.

Hans-Ulrich Bernard

Smoking linked to cervical cancer

Women who smoke are three times more likely to develop cervical cancer, and UC Irvine scientists recently discovered the biological link.

Frank LaFerla

Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia gets new chief

Neurobiologist Frank LaFerla is taking the reins of the UC Irvine Institute for Brain Aging & Dementia, hoping to boost clinical offerings and move forward with a new building dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease research.

Dr. Michael Alkire

The search for consciousness

As an anesthesiologist, UC Irvine’s Dr. Michael Alkire wants to tackle what many neuroscientists see as the Holy Grail of their field – the biological basis of consciousness.

Dr. Emily Dow

Doctor for the destitute

Ask Dr. Emily Dow why she decided to practice medicine, and the answer might surprise you. Twenty years ago, she was teaching English as a Second Language to adults in Los Angeles when a middle-aged Latina student was stricken with chest pains during class. Dow wanted to call an ambulance to take her to a […]

UC Irvine Medical Center

University Hospital opens new era in healthcare

The March 2009 opening of UC Irvine’s University Hospital heralds a new chapter in healthcare for the people of Orange County. Already home to the county’s only Level I trauma center, regional burn center and maternal-neonatal high-risk program, University Hospital in Orange will offer the latest medical technologies and strengthen UC Irvine Healthcare’s ability to […]

Construction at UCI

A year of growth, achievement

The year has been exciting and rewarding for UC Irvine – from promising new research collaborations to impactful breakthroughs, dedicated outreach projects, diverse cultural activities, continued campus growth and athletic success.

Elderly Hands

Holiday visits can reveal decline in aging relatives

Not all holiday surprises are happy ones. People visiting aging relatives this time of year may discover mounds of unpaid bills, odd solicitations and unkempt surroundings – all possible evidence of a decline in physical or mental function, says Dr. Laura Mosqueda, director of UC Irvine’s geriatrics program.

Dr. Christina Schwindt

Pediatrician leads UCI effort to treat children’s food allergies

Add food allergies to the growing list of childhood ailments on the rise.

Kimmie Harris with Dr. Omar Husein

UCI plastic surgeons repair high schooler’s facial injuries

Kimberly Harris’ face is reconstructed after fall from fourth-floor balcony