Gifts & Grants

ICS dean will help lead national effort to improve criminal evidence analysis, cut wrongful convictions

Hal Stern, dean of the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences and professor of statistics, will help lead a new national Forensic Science Center of Excellence.

NIH funding will support graduate students in ‘gateway’ year of systems biology Ph.D. program

The National Institutes of Health has awarded UCI $1.2 million to fund graduate students in the mathematical & computational biology “gateway” year into the Ph.D. program.

Engineering professor awarded prestigious Early Career Research grant from Department of Energy

Timothy Rupert, assistant professor of mechanical & aerospace engineering, has been awarded an Early Career Research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Students with UCI's Data Science Initiative

UCI gets $1.25 million NASA grant to create research opportunities for Cal State L.A. minority students

NASA has awarded UCI $1.25 million as part of a new $5 million center at Cal State Los Angeles for STEM education, with an emphasis on minority students in areas such as climate change, hydrology, computational physics and data science.

Weian Zhao

UCI receives up to $5 million to advance bloodstream infection detection technology

A UC Irvine research team will receive up to $5 million over five years in federal support to further develop a bloodstream infection detection system that speeds up diagnosis times with unprecedented accuracy – allowing physicians to treat patients with potentially deadly ailments more promptly and effectively.

UCI MIND redesignated as Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

UC Irvine’s Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders has received a five-year, $11 million grant from the National Institute on Aging to renew its status as one of only 27 Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers in the nation – and the only one in Orange County.

UCI scientists partner with Under Armour to create squidlike fabric for self-regulating thermal comfort

With a $2.8 million grant, UCI assistant professor of chemical engineering & materials science Alon Gorodetsky and colleagues are working with Under Armour to create a fabric based on the adaptive principles of squid skin that will enable wearers to regulate their own temperature.

UCI gets $2 million from Keck Foundation for photonic microscope

The W.M. Keck Foundation has awarded $2 million to UC Irvine to develop a photonic “magnetic nanoprobe,” a microscope able to amplify, detect and possibly manipulate the extremely weak optical-frequency magnetic fields in matter.

UCI initiates NSF-funded joint project utilizing the arts to improve grade school science education

Through an innovative new program developed at UC Irvine, the arts and the sciences – which often occupy opposite ends of the grammar school curriculum – are being integrated to help young students better grasp the basics of Earth, life and physical sciences.

Dr. Roger Steinert

Seeing and believing

With the opening of the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute’s new home, UC Irvine builds on its reputation as a major clinical and research center