Pay dirt

Susan Trumbore discovers clues to global climate change in soil and plant life

Troubled waters (1)

Pollution from unknown sources has forced the closing of dozens of Southern California beaches. Orange County officials have turned to UCI’s Stan Grant for help

Inquiring minds

Bruce Blumberg gives undergraduates a firsthand look in his laboratory

The maestro of molecules

Larry Overman conducts research in more than one sense of the word: In the creation of new molecules, he orchestrates chemical reactions to produce symphonic results

Memories in the making

Thomas Carew finds keys to the cellular biology of learning in a simple marine mollusk

Finding fault

Lisa Grant stalks the ‘natural terrorists’ of the Richter Scale

Productivity payoff

Organizational expert Jone Pearce is shaping the future of management research and education

Revealing rhythms

Pierre Baldi uses math – and music – to help transform reams of research data into biological breakthroughs

Rocket man

Researcher William Sirignano knows combustion inside and out

The sky’s the limit (1)

Alumnus Jose Solorio is Councilman for Ward 1 in the City of Santa Ana