Environment & Energy

Big wheels in motion

UCI is first college in nation to convert to all-electric bus fleet

UCI researchers map oceanic troughs below ice sheets in West Antarctica

Channels give warm ocean water access to their undersides, speeding glacier retreat

Global reach

UCI is sustaining its outsized reputation for tracking and tackling environmental challenges

Ahead of the curve

From Nobel Prize-winning findings about the planet’s rapidly changing atmosphere to innovative technologies and solutions, the campus is ahead of the curve on the most daunting challenges of our time. Surging king tides and fiercer storms along the West Coast are being plotted on real-time three-dimensional maps by UCI engineers for Newport Beach and Tijuana, and social […]

Jack Brouwer

Greening the grid

UCI tests integration of renewable hydrogen into existing natural gas systems

NOAA funds UCI research on sea level rise, storm surge effects on coastal landscapes

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science has awarded UCI researchers $1.15 million to study and mitigate sea level rise and storm surge impacts on changing shores. They will develop modeling tools to analyze how sediment management practices affect the stability of communities and wetlands facing the tests of climate change. “Sediment […]

Concrete jungle functions as carbon sink, UCI and other researchers find

Cement-based materials eventually reabsorb much of the CO2 released during creation

In ocean carbon recycling, size matters

The journal Nature Geoscience published a study today from UCI Earth system scientists on the size-reactivity continuum in the ocean carbon cycle. Detrital (not living) organic matter is a very large reservoir of carbon stored in the world’s oceans; it’s roughly equal in size to the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. Marine organic matter spans […]

UCI and NASA document accelerated glacier melting in West Antarctica

Study findings will help improve predictions about global sea level rise

UCI engineer garners Hydrologic Sciences Medal

The American Meteorological Society has awarded Efi Foufoula-Georgiou the 2017 Hydrologic Sciences Medal for “her pioneering contributions to the science of hydrometeorology and for visionary and sustained leadership in advancing interdisciplinary hydrologic research.” A UCI Distinguished Professor of civil & environmental engineering, Foufoula-Georgiou is considered one of the world’s leading hydrologists and water resources engineers. Her research focuses […]