UCI students show their spirit

Homecoming adds up to fun

A by-the-numbers description of UC Irvine’s homecoming festivities tells all.

Sheron Wray

Blending jazz, African dance, technology

Sheron Wray, choreographer and assistant professor of dance, lets audiences shape stage productions – via text messaging.

Randy Black

Grant writer extraordinaire

Randy Black’s way with words has earned UCI millions in research grants and earned him a Living Our Values Award.

Amy Bauer

Music professor gets ‘Lost’

UCI’s Amy Bauer oversees a Web site offering critical analyses of the popular TV show.

Kei Akagi

Kei Akagi, master of improv

Jazz pianist, composer and teacher connects with people through his music.

Alison Plott

Lessons in laughter

Each stroke of white makeup transforms a face. Rather than conceal, it reveals. The arch of a painted eyebrow, the exaggerated smile or frown, say more than a monologue. And the metamorphosis isn’t limited to the actor; it’s in the audience’s mind as well. Enter Eli Simon’s world, where clowning is an art. “Clowning is […]

Year of discovery, growth at UCI

High points of 2009 range from the volleyball court to the operating room with demonstrations of drive and dedication by UC Irvine students, faculty and staff.

Kei Akagi

Master of improvisation

Kei Akagi was 24 and pursuing a doctorate in philosophy at UC Santa Barbara when he decided music was his true calling. It was 2 a.m., he’d just finished performing with his jazz band, and he suddenly realized he hadn’t done any work on a graduate presentation due the next day. “I sat down in […]

Donald Bren Hall rooftop

Eye for light

What could be dismissed as another cold conference room is transformed into a cool, lithe place of possibility. A sprawling university becomes a dramatically lit stage when seen from the lobby of a science hall. When UC Irvine biological sciences undergraduate Hoang Xuan Pham turns his camera on the campus and elsewhere, he renders the […]

TeKeyia Armstrong

‘Young Americans’ at UCI

UCI students pose for Young Americans photography exhibit.