Arts & Humanities

Arts production gives “Abraham” a modern spin

“Abraham & Isaac in Jerusalem,” a new Claire Trevor School of the Arts production about faith, aims to bring people together — in the theater and real world.

Teal Wicks

‘Wicked’ star to perform at Medal event

UCI alum and “Wicked” star defied gravity as Elphaba. Now she’s hoping to give other students a boost by raising money for scholarships.

Ballet Dancers en pointe

Keeping dancers on their toes

New technique allows MRIs of ballet dancers en pointe, aiding injury treatment and prevention.

Catching waves — on canvas

Alumnus Robb Havassy rides high in the gnarly world of surf art. Although he never took a painting class or intended to be an artist, he’s enjoying the kind of success some only dream about.

Roger McWilliams

Time traveler

UC Irvine physics & astronomy professor Roger McWilliams often appears to have stepped out of a time machine — from the past. He rides to work on a reproduction vintage bicycle with a wide leather seat and big chrome handlebars. When he does drive a car, it’s a 60-year-old Jaguar that he fixes himself with […]

Julia Reinhard Lupton

Shaking up Shakespeare

From drama to design, English professor Julia Reinhard Lupton thrives on innovation and collaboration.

Alumnus Chris Canfield

The game boy behind ‘Rock Band’

Can’t stop playing ‘Rock Band’ or ‘Guitar Hero II’? Blame your addiction on UC Irvine alumnus Chris Canfield, who helped create them.

Jared DiBartolomeo

Reviving toe-tapping ragtime

Through his piano playing, engineering student Jared DiBartolomeo helps revive ragtime for a new generation.

‘When Art Attacks!’

Show features diverse works by seniors learning how to stage an exhibit – their own.

Fountain pen next to writing

UCI poetry program going strong

For the talented few admitted, UCI’s graduate writing program in poetry offers a mix of creativity, criticism and, often, acclaim.