Be green with UC Irvine

At UCI, sustainability is part of everything we do, from the way we operate our campus, to what we teach in the classroom, through community partnerships and our vital climate change research around the world.

Commitment to sustainability

30,000 trees make up UCI's "urban forest."
4.2 megawatts of solar power are produced annually via on-campus solar panels - enough to power 2,300 homes.
90% of water used for campus landscaping has been recycled.
3,500 gallons of recycled fryer oil from UCI's dining halls are turned into biodiesel annually.

World-changing climate research

In every school on the UCI campus, you’ll find people who are looking for answers to the most difficult questions regarding the planet’s climate crisis. From monitoring our local coastal erosion to finding more effective ways to prevent and fight wildfires, UCI’s innovators are tackling the problem from all directions.

Flood watchers

UCI researchers sound the alarm on future Southern California deluge

F. Sherwood Rowland (left) and Mario Molina, here in their UCI lab in the early 1970s, discovered how the ozone layer was being destroyed.

How UCI saved the ozone layer

Research by F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina is at the heart of a recent U.N. report that the ozone hole is closing

Facilities Management educates the campus during Earth Week 2016 with its eye-opening “Mt. RecycleMore.”

UCI receives funding for recycling research

U.S. Department of Energy-funded project to improve CA’s economy and environment through better recycling practices

For more on UCI’s all-encompassing, cross-disciplinary approach to climate change studies, visit the Special Report: California’s Climate Crisis and Solutions.

Getting started: green tips for sustainable living

Conserve water

  • Try and run only full dishwasher and laundry machine loads
  • Water by hand if you have a small garden area. Manually watering with a hose typically uses 33 percent less water than an automatic irrigation system

Reduce waste

  • Prepare your own food and help to eliminate single-use plastics
  • Designate your own recycling and landfill bins

Sustainable transportation

  • Switch from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric plug-in vehicles
  • Utilize public transportation or walk or cycle instead for shorter trips

Save energy

  • Wash laundry in cold water as it uses 75% less energy than washing in hot water
  • Utilize window shades and blinds to mitigate indoor temperature. Open windows to allow for natural ventilation

Sustainable dining

  • Collect scraps when cooking to compost food waste
  • Plan meals ahead for the week to reduce food waste
Succulent being potted

A happy new home

Sustainable landscaping can lower home outdoor water use by as much as 75 percent. Whether you picked up a succulent from a UCI event or are interested in how to care for the drought tolerant plants, here are tips to help them thrive. We’d also love to see where you’ve planted your UCI succulent, so share a photo on Instagram and tag us @ucirvine.

  • Succulents love sunlight – but too much sun and leaves may scorch. Rotate your pot often.
  • Succulents should be potted in a fast-draining mixture to avoid waterlogged soil. Terra-cotta pots are ideal for beginners.
  • Water according to season. Water generously during summer. Cut back to once a month during winter.

Celebrate Earth Day with UC Irvine

Saturday, April 15, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
39 Shady Canyon Drive

Visit UC Irvine at Quail Hill Community Center. Enjoy activities and visit UC Irvine’s booth for a free succulent.