Month: May 2024

A literal gut check

Scientist studies how intestinal microbiomes affect human health

UC Irvine, industry collaboration aims to boost health outcomes for rare diseases

Partnership will improve ability to identify underlying causes

Bridget Fortin, a UC Irvine doctoral student in the Department of Biological Chemistry (left) standing next to Selma Masri (right), UC Irvine associate professor of biological chemistry.

UC Irvine study reveals circadian clock can be leveraged to enhance cancer immunotherapy

Optimizing individual time-of-day delivery offers new avenues for prevention and treatment

Leonardo Alaniz, M.D.

#IamUCI – Leonardo Alaniz

M.D. | School of Medicine

Ashlynn Desco

#IamUCI – Ashlynn Desco

B.A., psychological science | School of Social Ecology

Steven Lewis

#IamUCI – Steven Lewis

Ph.D., integrated composition, improvisation, and technology | Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Valentina Toledano

#IamUCI – Valentina Toledano

B.A., political science, B.A., language science and minor in anthropology | School of Social Sciences

Michael J. Donaldson

#IamUCI – Michael J. Donaldson

M.A., teaching | School of Education

Phoebe Roach

#IamUCI – Phoebe Roach

B.S., Earth system science and minor in public health | School of Physical Sciences

Kanomé Jones

#IamUCI – Kanomé Jones

J.D. | School of Law