Sent on behalf of the University of California, Office of the President

Last week the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) alerted the UC community of the Accellion data incident affecting the University of California community, which was the result of a nationwide cyberattack. UCOP has issued additional information regarding the data incident. The new information is shared below:

UCOP has just published another set of FAQs (in both English and Spanish), addressing the most common questions they’ve received about the Accellion data incident and Experian credit/ID theft protection service. Managers are strongly encouraged to get this information to employees who are not on computers. UCOP has also created a microsite on the Accellion incident within UCnet.

As a reminder, here is the initial information on this incident from UCOP:

The UC Office of the President has outlined a series of steps that everyone should take to protect their personal and financial information. There is also a Spanish version of the document. There is also a UCOP email account for members of the UC community to send questions: UCOP stresses the seriousness of this incident and the need for people to be proactive in protecting themselves, including signing up with Experian.