Day: April 7, 2021

UCI announces membership in consortium ensuring future of SlaveVoyages database

UCI has joined a newly formed consortium to ensure the preservation, stability and future development of the SlaveVoyages database, the single most widely used online resource for the study of the trans-Atlantic and intra-American slave trade. Previously hosted at Emory University, the database will now function as a cooperative academic collaboration through a contractual agreement […]

What not to do before your COVID-19 shot

LAist, April 7, 2021

Can social scientists help control epidemics?

SAPIENS, April 7, 2021

OC and state Latino communities still lagging behind in coronavirus vaccinations as economy rushes to reopen

Voice of OC, April 7, 2021

Are we declaring pandemic over too fast? State’s June 15 deadline for reopening splits experts

Orange County Register, April 7, 2021

Multipurpose career prep

Ian Massey ’13 credits success as financial adviser to his literary journalism degree

The pandemic doesn’t mean we have to choose between physical and mental health

Scientific American, April 7, 2021

California to move to statewide reopening plan in June

AP, April 7, 2021

New U.S. Carbon Monitor website compares emissions among the 50 states

Tool helps to track abrupt yet temporary emissions declines during pandemic