Orange County’s coronavirus recovery depends on vaccines and public health measures

Dr. Shruti Gohil, an infectious disease doctor who treats intensive care unit patients at the UC Irvine Medical Center … said public health measures, like wearing masks, need to still be followed as vaccinations increase and more businesses reopen. … UC Irvine epidemiologist and public health expert, [associate professor] Andrew Noymer, said there will be another surge, but it’s impossible to forecast how bad it could be. … Dr. Jose Mayorga, executive director of the UCI Health Family Health Centers, said the center in West Anaheim has been vaccinating frontline grocery workers and seniors all last week. … UC Irvine epidemiologist and public health expert Sanghyuk Shin, [assistant professor of nursing], said the clinics have proven themselves to be a vital part of the overall community health and the work needs to continue beyond the pandemic.