Day: April 10, 2020

UCI biologist seeking to save coral reefs honored by Ecological Society of America

Joleah Lamb, a UCI biologist who studies the impact of infectious diseases on the oceans, has been named an Early Career Fellow by the Ecological Society of America, the world’s largest association of professional ecologists. Early Career Fellows are chosen based on their advanced ecological knowledge and applications as well as potential to make notable […]

UCI Podcast: UCI Health response to pandemic

The entire UCI community is confronting the coronavirus pandemic with unprecedented actions. UCI Health is on the front lines of the crisis response. In this episode of the UCI Podcast, two key members of the UCI Health staff – Linda Dickey, senior director of quality & patient safety, epidemiology & infection prevention; and Joe Brothman, […]

UC Irvine’s new coronavirus map shows sentiment on Twitter

EdScoop, April 10, 2020

We Need to Stop Trying to Replicate the Life We Had

The Atlantic, April, 10, 2020

Coronavirus: Companies ramp up production of ventilators for hospitals. But will they be needed?

Los Angeles Daily News, April 10, 2020

No Halt to Culture Wars During Coronavirus Outbreak

The New York Times, April 10, 2020

Online COVID-19 diaries are helping people cope. They’re also a research gold mine

Los Angeles Times, April 10, 2020

How to Cultivate Resilience During the Pandemic

Lifehacker, April 10, 2020

Masks Recommended For Essential Workers Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Patch, April 9, 2020

Colombia hopes for ‘humanitarian’ ceasefire during coronavirus as violence resurges

The Conversation, April 10, 2020