Front-line healthcare workers need more than just protective gear to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their well-being also requires managing the anxiety, stress, grief, pain and fatigue that naturally arise from the nature of their work. That’s why the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute has stepped up to offer in-person wellness services for employees at UCI Medical Center‘s Douglas Hospital. “Our UCI healthcare providers, nurses and staff are facing the most challenging time in their medical careers,” said Dr. Shaista Malik, executive director of the institute. “It’s been truly inspiring to see how dedicated they are to their patients and our community. It’s imperative that they stay healthy both mentally and physically for themselves, their families and patients.” The services – which include acupressure, ear seed placement, qi gong breathing techniques, yoga therapy and massage – are delivered at the hospital during breaks as well as before and after shifts. “Our integrative health practitioners provide whole-person care to address the mind, body and spirit,” Malik said. “Our hope is to equip medical workers with tools to manage their stress and anxiety, maintain sleep quality and support their overall well-being.”