Day: March 25, 2020

Weaponizing Racism in the Wake of COVID-19

Ms. Magazine, March 25, 2020

What should I do if my coworker is sick?

Victoria Advocate, March 25, 2020

Coronavirus forces election officials across U.S. to craft contingency plans

The Washington Times, March 25, 2020

School closures due to coronavirus could widen education inequality among students

Newsweek, March 25, 2020

Congress’ $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package not ‘nearly enough’ to safeguard 2020 election, experts say

Newsweek, March 25, 2020

Opinion: Big and small tech innovation makes #PandemicLife tolerable

Washington Examiner, March 25, 2020 (Opinion)

Can The U.S. Crowdsource Its Way Out Of A Mask Shortage? No, But It Still Helps

KCRW, March 25, 2020 (Audio)

How will the coronavirus affect crime rates? It’s complicated, experts say

The State, March 25, 2020

UCI Health launches therapeutic clinical trial for COVID-19

Drug developed to fight Ebola, may be effective against coronavirus