Month: February 2020

Virus-hit China postpones parliament for first time in decades

Yahoo News (AFP), Feb. 24, 2020

Injunction stays in place on using Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa to house coronavirus patients

Orange County Register, Feb. 24, 2020

5 reasons coronavirus statistics seem inconsistent

Fortune, Feb. 24, 2020

UCI to screen film about quadriplegic, followed by Q&A with him and expert speakers

EVENT:  UCI will screen the short documentary “Relentless,” which profiles Orange County extreme-sports athlete Marty O’Connor, whose unceasing work ethic and pursuit of his goals enabled him to forge a new sense of self after a freak accident rendered him quadriplegic. After the film, Frank LaFerla, dean of the School of Biological Sciences, will emcee […]

UCI neuroscientist and professor of otolaryngology John Middlebrooks

An improved implant

UCI researchers have developed a breakthrough cochlear device that could enable hearing-impaired people to detect pitch

How to respond to the Coronavirus

How to Bay Area, Feb. 21, 2020 (Audio)

The Psychological Cost of Constant Coronavirus Coverage

KCBS, Feb. 21, 2020 (Audio)

UCI astronomer and colleagues confirm existence of exoplanet orbiting nearby star

Using the Habitable Zone Planet Finder instrument, a team of scientists – including UCI astronomer Paul Robertson – has confirmed that an object previously detected by the Kepler space telescope is an exoplanet, a planet orbiting a star outside our solar system. The team’s findings were published recently in The Astronomical Journal. Called G 9-40b, […]

Veggie-loving fish could be the new white meat

UCI discovery points to aquaculture potential of the monkeyface prickleback

UCI and Disney Research scientists develop AI-enhanced video compression model

‘End-to-end’ approach generates favorable results in comparison with classical codecs