ABC 7, Oct. 1, 2019
UC Irvine’s middle school for students with ADHD, autism finds success

The school’s curriculum is based on mounds of research from the National Institutes of Health and the University of California. … Students at UC Irvine’s Child Development Center learn more than history and science. “What the program aims to do is teach those social skills or those communication skills that we don’t necessarily put any emphasis on in traditional schooling,” said Sabrina Schuck, Ph.D., the facility’s executive director.

Spectrum 1 News, Oct. 1, 2019
Beyond 5G May Help Avoid Buffering on Cell Phones

You are about to hop on a plane. You want to download a movie quickly. On the current 4GLTE technology, the download would take you a few minutes. But thanks to an invention that is smaller than a penny developed by researchers at University of California Irvine, that download could only take you a few seconds. … “What we’re trying to achieve is a fiber optic level of wireless communication speed but also has the advantage of being wireless,” says UC Irvine graduate student Huang Wang.

The Chronicle of Higher Ed, Oct. 2, 2019
An Author of ‘Academically Adrift’ Strikes Again

Last week Richard Arum, a co-author of the influential book “Academically Adrift,” unveiled an effort to measure the complexity of learning inside the classroom. The kickoff event took place at the U. of California at Irvine. … Ever since, Arum says, he’s been trying to find ways to give institutions “a firmer and more empirical basis” to measure the value of college and especially liberal-arts education — and “not just through ideology and rhetoric.” Now, joined by a cadre of other leading education researchers from an array of universities, Arum is setting out to correct that failure.

The Orange County Register, Sept. 22, 2019

UCI wildfire researchers devise method for better predicting the spread of blazes
UC Irvine announced this week that researchers have developed a more efficient technique for tracking fires. The team of scientists devised an algorithm to forecast the final size of a blaze by, in layman’s terms, crunching numbers. Fires in California – and in other parts of the world – are becoming more numerous with climate change, said Shane Coffield, a UCI doctoral student and the study’s lead author. “California is projected to get hotter,” Coffield said. “Hot, dry winds make fires virtually uncontrollable.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to]

My fitness pal, Oct. 1, 2019
The Best Time of Day to Work Out Might Surprise You

In a new study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, co-author Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhD, professor and director of the Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism at the University of California at Irvine, put mice on a treadmill and monitored changes in their muscle tissues. Morning workouts, he found, had the most significant impact on glucose breakdown and fat burning.

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