Students at Anteater Involvement Fair
UCI will commence its 55th academic year this week with a record number of new and returning students. Some 38,000 will start classes after Welcome Week festivities. Here, throngs enjoy last year’s Anteater Involvement Fair. Steve Zylius / UCI

Life returns to campus this week as UCI starts its 55th year with a record number of students. About 38,000 Anteaters will begin classes after a series of Welcome Week festivities, including the New Student Convocation, the Anteater Involvement Fair, Late Night at the ARC, the Aldrich Park After Dark concert and the Screen on the Green movie showing.

Here’s a by-the-numbers look at UCI as it enters the 2019-20 academic year:

  • Number of applications received for fall: 117,330
  • Total number of students (undergraduate and graduate): 38,000 (estimated)
  • Number of students on-campus housing can accommodate: 15,828
  • Number of students who attended SPOP this summer: 6,030
  • Number of parents who attended SPOP this summer: 2,590
  • Number of new transfer students: 3,250 (estimated)
  • Number of beds in the new Middle Earth Towers: 500
  • Number of beds in the new Plaza Verde housing: 1,400
  • Number of student clubs: 476
  • Number of clubs and departments at the Anteater Involvement Fair: 433
  • Number of degree programs: 216
  • Percentage of new students surveyed after SPOP whose first-choice school was UCI: 84
  • Number of new faculty: 59
  • Percentage of incoming transfer students who are first-generation: 54
  • Percentage of California-resident freshmen who are first-generation: 49
  • Number of sororities: 24
  • Number of fraternities: 22
  • Number of intramural teams: 280 (163 men’s, 51 women’s and 66 coed)
  • Number of sports club teams: 39 (9 men’s, 8 women’s, 22 coed)
  • Number of esports unique users: 11,764
  • Average weighted, capped GPA of incoming students: 4.13
  • Number of new residence halls open: 2
  • Number of football teams: 0