Month: October 2018

UCI study: Reduced Sierra Nevada snowmelt runoff to threaten California agriculture

One-degree rise in global winter temps to cause less high country snow accumulation

Making a donor-powered difference

Philanthropic support lets researcher translate ‘wacky ideas’ into real-world results

New faculty faces

Hiring of 78 educators goes a long way toward strategic plan goal of adding 250 by 2021

From ‘What?’ to ‘Wow!’

Innovative course teaches UCI grad students to better communicate their scientific research to the public

NSF increases physics, astronomy scholarship funding for underserved Californians

UCI expects to double number of graduate students in Cal-Bridge program

UCI scientists push microscopy to sub-molecular resolution

Carbon monoxide used to measure electric forces in single chemical compound

UCI’s Un-Caped Crusader

Zombies, space aliens and Superman helped put Michael Dennin on the map. For more than a decade, the genial UCI physics & astronomy professor has used pop culture references to teach complex scientific concepts – on television shows, in class, at comic conventions, and in an online “Walking Dead” course that drew 65,000 participants. The […]

UCI named ‘top rising star’ by Nature Index

The Nature Index has identified UCI as the most improved institution in North America in terms of the number of papers published in high-quality journals between 2015 and 2017. The index, launched in 2014, is a database of author affiliations and institutional relationships that tracks contributions to research articles appearing in natural science publications. In […]