UCI Distinguished Professor of computer science Alex Nicolau

Alex Nicolau, chair and Distinguished Professor of computer science, has been admitted to the Academia Europaea. Founded in 1988, the academy comprises esteemed scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning, education and research. Nominated by their peers for sustained academic excellence in their fields, members – who have included 73 Nobel laureates and six Turing Award winners – are selected after a rigorous review process. Joining Gene Tsudik, UCI Chancellor’s Professor of computer science, who was elected into the academy in 2015, Nicolau is one of only 17 AE members from the U.S. in a computing-related field. His research interests include parallelizing compilers and high-performance, power-aware and reconfigurable computing. “Unlike other academies that represent individual countries,” Nicolau notes, “the Academia Europaea is continentwide, so I feel honored to be recognized at this broad, international level.”