UCI shares the public’s concern for the welfare of laboratory animals and we do everything possible to ensure the responsible and humane treatment of animals within our care.  Board-certified veterinarians are on call continuously and play an active role in reviewing research and care.

We are committed to reducing the number of animals used, consistently seeking out possible alternatives and actively supporting the development and use of non-animal based research and testing models whenever possible.

Live animals are used only when necessary, as a critical component in the discovery of cures and treatments that improve human lives.  The use of research animals is reviewed by a committee comprised of scientists, veterinarians and outside members of the community.  All applicable laws, regulations and guidelines are followed.  The USDA conducts unannounced visits to all registered research facilities at least once a year. UCI’s last inspection was in April 2018 and there were no citations.

The statements by Michael Budkie and Stop Animal Exploitation Now are flatly inaccurate.  Animals were not negligently killed, there is no evidence of lack or inappropriate care or procedures, and at no time was the university in violation of regulations overseeing the use of animals in research.  Information regarding animal research and outcomes are public documents.

Our responsibility to the animals in our care is taken extremely seriously.  We are committed to their humane treatment and respect their important role in saving the lives of our friends, family and fellow humans worldwide.