UCI professor William Evans has been awarded the 2017 Centenary Prize by Britain's Royal Society of Chemistry.

William Evans, UCI professor of chemistry, is a 2017 recipient of the Centenary Prize from Britain’s Royal Society of Chemistry. Bestowed on outstanding scientists from outside the United Kingdom, the award includes about $6,500, a medal and a certificate. In addition, Evans is invited to give lectures at higher education institutions in the British Isles. “I am very honored and grateful to get this award,” he said. “I am especially pleased because it means I can visit several universities in the United Kingdom and interact with the students and faculty there. Past trips to the U.K. have been so enjoyable that I relish the chance to do this again.” Evans’ research at UCI centers on the chemistry of the rare-earth metals used in energy-efficient lighting, batteries, catalytic converters for cars and medical applications. Royal Society of Chemistry awardees are evaluated on the originality and impact of their research. Individuals are also recognized for their ability to foster successful collaborations among cross-disciplinary teams.