Hellman Fellow Davin Phoenix is an assistant professor of political science.

Six UCI assistant professors have been awarded Hellman Fellowships, created to help promising junior faculty realize their full scientific and academic potential. Forty Hellman Fellowships have been bestowed at UCI since 2013, when the campus program was established with a gift of $1.25 million from the Hellman Family Foundation. “These worthy recipients represent some of the best talent within our junior faculty, each of whom is conducting focused, action-oriented research that will have real impact on our community and the world,” said Diane O’Dowd, vice provost for academic personnel and professor of developmental & cell biology. “UCI continues to thrive as an innovative environment for meaningful research, and we are deeply grateful to the Hellmans for their generosity and ongoing support of our work.” UCI’s Hellman Fellows, who will each receive up to $50,000, are: Jacob Avery, assistant professor of sociology; Marco Levorato, assistant professor of computer science; Elizabeth Martin, assistant professor of psychology & social behavior; Davin Phoenix, assistant professor of political science; Sergey Pronin, assistant professor of chemistry; and Sha Sun, assistant professor of developmental & cell biology.