Earlier this week, the College Republicans at UCI were notified by the Student Center & Event Services management that they could not hold events until Spring Quarter 2017 in the areas operated by the Student Center. The decision was based on an insurance-related policy violation, and the group was invited to submit an appeal to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs by July 1.

The group’s good standing as a campus club is not affected. They maintain all other rights and privileges afforded to registered campus organizations at UCI, and are free to hold meetings and events in other on-campus locations – such as the Bren Center, Recreation Center and school-based conference and class rooms – as well as off-campus locations.

Today, the group’s access to the Student Center facilities and areas was reinstated pending the appeal. A final determination regarding the policy violation will be made as soon as possible, upon review of all pertinent information. In the meantime, the Student Affairs leadership will work with club leaders to ensure a clear understanding of the legal requirements for holding events in the Student Center. The group’s status as a campus club is not and never was in jeopardy.