Match Day is the most festive event on the School of Medicine calendar. It’s when graduating UC Irvine medical students learn where they’ll start their careers as doctors. On Friday, March 21, 100 students in the class of 2014 participated, matching with 52 different residency programs at hospitals and university medical centers across the country. As part of the tradition, each future doctor is called – one at a time – to a balloon-festooned podium to open an envelope and read aloud before hundreds of family members, friends and classmates the name and location of the hospital where he or she will spend the next three to seven years pursuing postgraduate medical training. Match Day is always filled with emotion, but this year, student Laura Doan received a double surprise. In the letter announcing her residency in family medicine at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center was also a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Dr. Nathanael Heckmann, a 2013 UC Irvine School of Medicine graduate who’s now a resident in orthopedic surgery at USC. A shocked and overjoyed Doan turned to see her future husband on one knee, engagement ring in hand. On Match Day, dreams can come true.