Day: April 9, 2012

Kevin Tillie

A difference maker

Kevin Tillie, who came from the French Riviera to Orange County, has earned praise as one of the nation’s top players, helping lead the Anteaters to a No. 1 ranking for much of the current season and positioning them for their third national title in six years.

The day they became doctors

They entered the UC Irvine School of Medicine with dreams of making a difference someday, five eager students armed with distinctive skills, talents and experiences they hoped could be used to improve human health. They saw their dreams come into focus on Match Day, March 16, when they learned where they will start their careers as doctors.

NICU patient baby Megan grabs onto the finger of glove wearing registered nurse

Keeping hospitals healthy

Linda Dickey, a nurse and director of epidemiology & infection prevention at UC Irvine Medical Center, wears a small but significant yellow badge on her white coat. It’s proof that she’s current on her influenza vaccine. It’s also a symbol of the hospital’s commitment to fighting infectious diseases. In 2009, when fears were running high about […]