Day: January 30, 2012

Fred Tzeng

Little chip, big implications

UCI research produces breakthrough for battery efficiency in medical equipment, automobiles and consumer electronics.

Sweat, tears lead to breakthrough

Chemist Greg Weiss’ personal loss motivates major new scientific work by him and others.

Acting out ageism

The UC Irvine Program in Geriatrics has instituted an innovative live theater performance that highlights the dos and don’ts of patient care for older adults.

Ivan Soltesz

Uncharted territory

Neuroscientist Ivan Soltesz is recognized as one of world’s leading epilepsy researchers, but when talking about the focus of his work, he sounds more like the young dreamer and poet he was growing up in Budapest. “The brain is the last great frontier,” says Soltesz, UC Irvine Chancellor’s Professor and chair of anatomy & neurobiology. […]