Day: November 1, 2010

John Hemminger new vice chancellor for research

Renowned chemist, physical sciences dean is a ‘committed campus collaborator.’

UCI non-small cell lung cancer study highlights advances in targeted drug therapy

Lung cancer tumors stop growing, shrink or disappear in 90 percent of patients targeted drug therapy study.

Bryan Doerries

Healing the wounds of war

The ancient Greeks knew the battlefield could leave emotional scars, and they had a distinctive way of dealing with it: They put on a play. Dramas about Achilles and Ajax showed these mythological war heroes suffering from the “divine madness” caused by combat — known today as post-traumatic stress disorder. “Scholars say Greek theater helped […]

Justin Richland

Crossing cultures

Indigenous cultural artifacts share space with family photos on the walls and shelves of Justin Richland’s UC Irvine office: kachina dolls, Hopi ceremonial rattles and a skate deck made by Lakota-owned Wounded Knee Skateboards. The items reflect ancient traditions as well as ways in which Native Americans are adapting their culture to the modern era. It’s […]

Will McKleroy and Sam Dodson practice portable ultrasound

Medicine’s new wave

On her first day as a UC Irvine medical student, Sarah Rooney received an Apple iPad. Not just any ordinary iPad — this one came loaded with all of the books, notes, presentations and videos she needs for her first year of medical school. UCI’s School of Medicine was first in the nation to provide the tablet […]

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI nephrology chief honored by American College of Physicians

Dr. Nosratola D. Vaziri is the 2010 recipient of the prestigious Laureate Award.

Molly Burke

Fly study solves scientific riddle

History of fruit fly research and riddle solved at UCI.

Daman Starring attempts an under-the-leg slam dunk

New season brings new promise for Anteater basketball

UC Irvine men’s and women’s teams roar into the new season filled with optimism, as both squads feature deep and experienced lineups capable of competing for the Big West tournament title in March and a spot in the NCAA postseason play.

John C. Hemminger new vice chancellor for research

Physical sciences dean since 2006, the renowned chemist is a ‘committed campus collaborator.’

Miles Corwin

Life sentence

After 20 years as an L.A.Times crime reporter, author and literary journalism professor, Miles Corwin crosses over into fiction in “Kind of Blue.”