Month: August 2010

Cool schools

Alternative transportation options cited for its designation as a ‘Cool School.’

Olive Tree Initiative

The trip’s mission is for UCI students to gain understanding beyond what is available from indirect sources and the mainstream media and share this with the campus and community upon their return.

Sarah Rooney grips her new iPad

Tech initiative heralds future of medical education

As part of its new iMedEd Initiative, the medical school has developed a comprehensive, iPad-based curriculum, reinventing how medicine is taught in the 21st century and becoming the first in the nation to offer entering students a completely digital, interactive learning environment.

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI has key role in new California Telehealth Network

CTN will allow patients in rural and underserved areas of California to receive the specialty care they need and will connect more than 300 California healthcare facilities and 800 California healthcare providers to a statewide and nationwide broadband network of healthcare and emergency services.

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI, SonoSite partner to train medical students on handheld ultrasound

The innovative technology will let them view anatomical structures in real time and enhance their understanding of physiological processes.

Distinguishing ‘senior moments’ from Alzheimer’s

UCI researchers locate brain passage that could aid early diagnosis.

Diana Burns keeps an eye on her mother, Irma

Distinguishing ‘senior moments’ from Alzheimer’s

UCI scientists locate inner brain pathway they believe is key to memory.

COSMOS trains new generation of scientists

High school students take part in a highly competitive summer program that lets them live on campus and learn about university life.

In breakthrough, nerve connections are regenerated after spinal cord injury

Researchers for the first time have induced robust regeneration of nerve connections that control voluntary movement after spinal cord injury, showing the potential for new therapeutic approaches to paralysis and other motor function impairments.

UC Irvine News Brief: Biochemists discover that enzyme converts CO to propane

UCI researchers were exploring vanadium nitrogenase’s ability to form ammonia when they stumbled onto its other ability, which could be exploited for the cost-efficient production of fuels.