Day: November 30, 2009

UCI's Digital Media & Learning Research Hub

Digital media & learning hub under way

Digital media use is transforming the way young people learn, UCI researcher Mizuko “Mimi” Ito has found, and schools should take note.

Katie and Kenny Callen and their son, Gage

UCI alumni help the homeless

The Illumination Foundation, started by six UCI students, helps homeless families find the way back to self-sufficiency.

Erika Hayasaki

A journalist’s journey

Award-winning reporter Erika Hayasaki trains a new generation of writers at UCI.

Dr. Jae Chang

On the case with the blood detective

UCI hematologist Dr. Jae Chang employs medical sleuthing skills to identify rare blood disorders.

Dr. Homayoon Sanati

Treating cancer in older adults

Geriatric oncologist Dr. Homayoon Sanati decries the underrepresentation of seniors in clinical trials. He’s working with his UCI colleagues to provide a solution.