Month: September 2009

LEED Gold ARC award

ARC is UCI’s fifth new construction project to merit the U.S. Green Building Council rating.

Alzheimer's art creates lasting memories

Nine paintings produced through the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memories in the Making program are on display at UCI MIND, in Biological…

Energy lab

The UC Irvine campus will become a living renewable energy laboratory under a statewide program designed to make electricity generation and transportation safer, cleaner and more affordable for Californians.

From high tech to high kicks

Domingos Begalli, physical sciences computer resource manager, brings the Brazilian martial art capoeira to campus.

People Laughing

Owner’s guide to the quirky human body

As much as we know about the human body, some of the more mundane, daily functions are least understood.

Campus shooting

Press briefing scheduled to update investigation of Sept. 13 shooting on UC Irvine campus.

Memories exist even when forgotten, study suggests

A woman looks familiar, but you can’t remember her name or where you met her. New research by UC Irvine…

Gary Busby

Growing its own musicals

Drama department’s staging of new musicals gives lovers of the genre a voice in the future of Broadway.

Linda Scheck

Alzheimer’s art creates lasting memories

Nine paintings created through an Alzheimer’s Association program called Memories in the Making are on display at UCI MIND.

Jeff Johnson

Memories may exist even when forgotten

Using advanced brain imaging techniques, UCI scientists have discovered that a person’s brain activity while remembering an event is very similar to when it was first experienced, even if specifics can’t be recalled.